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Starting from the premise that each individual inherits half of the mother’s DNA and the other half of the father, what the test assesses is whether the child’s global inheritance is compatible with that of the parents.

The tests carried out by GenoMed® are performed with the utmost rigor and guarantee maximum discretion and confidentiality.

GenoMed® is a member of the GHEP-ISFG (Spanish and Portuguese Language Group of the International Society of Forensic Genetics) and participates in the external quality assessment programs organized by it.

How can I take the test?

To take a Paternity test, simply contact GenoMed® through the number 21 799 95 01 or via email: genomed@genomed.pt.

What are the procedures?

After prior appointment, the paternity test participants must attend the laboratory at the same time to collect the samples. In addition to the necessary recognition between them, the participants will have to present a valid identification document, with photograph and signature.

GenoMed® conducts paternity tests between the alleged father, son/daughter, and mother (complete trio) and/or between the alleged father and son/daughter (duo).

The duo paternity test can only be performed in the absence of the mother, if the alleged father is the registration father of the child (only applicable to children under the age of 18) or if a declaration of responsibility with the mother’s signature is provided.

What kind of samples are needed?

The sample collection carried out by all the members to be tested consist of:

– Capillary blood collected by finger prick (or heel, in the case of children under 1-year-old) and collection on Blood Stain Card;

– Collection of epithelial cells from the oral mucosa with a swab.

Precautions to be taken before sample collection:
One hour before the collection is carried out, no food, drink (including water) should be taken, neither smoking nor chewing gum.
How long does it take to know the result?

The test analysis will only start after receiving the sample and all the necessary documents (filled in requisition and payment proof).

The report will be available in 1 to 2 weeks.

Reports are delivered to the client, upon presentation of the identification document, or, if previously requested, can be sent by registered post mail with prove of delivery.

How much cost the test?

The cost of the paternity test is given upon request.

For more information please contact GenoMed® by calling 21 799 95 01 or by email: genomed@genomed.pt.