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Over several years of existence, GenoMed® has been creating partnerships with several clinics across the country to facilitate access to its services for any user.

In these locations, GenoMed® will provide a variety of genetic tests, including paternity testing and genetic studies of ancestry.


The main benefits of the supplier performance monitoring programme are not only to promote competitiveness among suppliers, but also to increase satisfaction levels and leverage a positive financial impact on GenoMed®.

GenoMed®, together with its suppliers, identifies opportunities for improvement with an impact on cost reduction, increased quality and greater commitment.

The evaluation of suppliers of goods and/or services with an impact on the product and/or service provided is a tool to evaluate the performance of each supplier/supply in terms of compliance with established requirements/contractual obligations. The main objective is to stimulate the continuous improvement of its activities and raise the quality levels of the products/services provided.

Every six months, GenoMed® promotes the evaluation of suppliers, considered critical for the development of its activity, taking into account their typology and according to the following performance evaluation criteria:


Evaluation Criteria

Reagents, Laboratory Material, Equipment and other Products

Quality evaluation
Average delivery time

Calibrations, Testing, Maintenance

Meeting the deadline

Subcontracting of tests/interlaboratory trials

Quality evaluation 
Compliance with the delivery deadline

Other Services

Meeting the deadline 
Quality of service

The final evaluation of the suppliers is carried out by means of a weighted average taking into account the degree of importance of the points evaluated. Their final rating ranges from 0 to 2, with 0 being Not satisfactory, 1 Satisfactory and 2 Good.

If a supplier obtains a Not Satisfactory rating, he should be informed.

Note: Single suppliers will not be excluded or suspended. However, the supplier must submit an improvement/corrective action plan which must be followed so that the proposed deadlines and objectives are met.