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About Us

GenoMed® – Diagnósticos de Medicina Molecular SA, is a spin-off company of the Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (iMM) founded in 2004. We are a licensed laboratory for Genetics and Molecular Pathology (Operating License No 00075 L/2007), the health establishment is also registered in the System of Registration of Regulated Establishments of the Health Regulatory Authority under registration no. 106063.

Our team gathers highly qualified personal in genetics and molecular biology with more than 10 years of experience. We also have medical doctors specialised in genetics and pathology, as well as a bioinformatics team.

The exchange of scientific knowledge within one of the largest research centers in Portugal places us at the forefront of the development of genetic tests and other innovative and personalized molecular studies for each person.


We focus on performing genetic and molecular biology techniques to provide our clients with a diagnosis, prognosis and / or therapeutic guidance in a fast, accurate and personalized way.


We intend to be the reference molecular genetic company in carrying out diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic guidance tests in Portugal.

GenoMed Sobre nós

We believe in the added value of the exchange and transmission of multidisciplinary knowledge, which is why we encourage collaboration with the medical and scientific community, through internships and collaborations. Also, we have in our team people with varied backgrounds within the health area.

We are in constant contact and learning with two central health institutions in Portugal: Instituto Medicina Molecular (iMM) and Hospital de Santa Maria.

We have an active participation in teaching clinicians through medical internships and we encourage the continuous training of our team, through internal and external training.

We commit ourselves to act in an integral, correct, and respectful manner. We adhere to very strict ethical principles and guarantee our customers that we will securely treat their information.

We are always attentive to the latest existing technologies and we always try to implement them in order to provide a useful and complete answer to our customers. We work together with physicians and researchers to adapt the techniques used to the needs of each patient.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our ability to respond to the challenges posed by the constant progress of medical knowledge is supported and conducted by our scientific council, made up of professionals with high scientific recognition in their respective areas.

Chair Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Doctor Maria Carmo-Fonseca (Physician, Principal Investigator, Professor on FMUL and President of iMM)

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Doctor Ana Paula Martins (Pharmaceutical)
  • Prof. Doctor Dulce Brito (Cardiologist)
  • Prof. Doctor Bruno Sepodes (Pharmaceutical)
  • Prof. Doctor José Ferro (Neurologist)
  • Prof. Doctor João Lacerda (Hematologist)
  • Prof. Doctor José Tavares de Castro (Oncologist)
  • Prof. Doctor Luís Costa (Oncologist)
  • Prof. Doctor Passos Coelho (Oncologist)

Consultant Geneticist, MD

Area Managers

Solid Tumors
Genetic Diseases and Pharmacogenetics

It's in our Genes

The importance of genetic testing in the diagnosis of neurological diseases has continued to grow. From neuromuscular diseases to those of movement, including epilepsy and rare vascular diseases, genetic tests have become a fundamental element in the diagnosis and understanding of the clinical expression of diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.
José Ferro
Director of Neurology Service at HSM - Group Leader at iMM
As a researcher I have found GenoMed to have prompt and effective collaboration, as a clinician GenoMed responds quickly and accurately to my requests, but always a good partner.
Mamede de Carvalho
Full Professor - Director of the Institute of Physiology - Group Leader at iMM
GenoMed, Diagnosis of Molecular Medicine has developed a fundamental collaboration within the Reference Center for Hereditary Diseases of Metabolism (DHM) -adult sector, in order to promote the transfer of scientific knowledge in the field of molecular medicine to clinical practice. The analysis of the clinical exome through NGS sequencing represents an added value in the study and diagnosis of DHM.
Anabela Oliveira
Director of the HSM Central Emergency Service
An effective laboratory, oriented towards modernization and permanent updating, which combines competence with the capacity for dialogue between the laboratory and the clinic; more than a laboratory, an effective interface between genetics and the clinic, facilitating and bringing together two vectors of medicine.
Sofia Jorge
Nephrologist, HSM

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