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As the first human populations expanded and distributed across different geographic regions, small variations in their genetic code occurred and it is based on these variations that the population is divided into groups that the study of ancestry is made.

Thus, the study of ancestry aims to make known the history of our ancestors, namely their migratory routes, placing them in space and time.

Ancestry studies can be carried out by maternal or paternal route:

Maternal route – The maternal history is obtained through mitochondrial DNA. This genetic material, which is found in small cellular energy-producing structures – mitochondria, is exclusively inherited from mothers and transmitted to children of both sexes.

Paternal route – The Y chromosome is unique to men, who inherit it from their parents and pass it on to their male children. Women can get to know their ancestors through the paternal route, if they use a DNA sample from the father, brother, paternal uncle, paternal grandfather, or any other direct member of the paternal family who is male.

What are the procedures?

To receive the auto collection kit at your home just:

1º – Indicate the address for sending the kit and indicate which way (paternal, maternal or both) you want to analyze;

2º – Indicate, for invoice issues, name, VAT number, and address;

3º – Send proof of bank transfer by email, after which GenoMed® will immediately send the kit.

If you choose to collect the samples in our facility, where our technicians will be happy to assist you, just make an appointment between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, through the following contacts: +351 217 999 501 or genomed@genomed.pt.

Precautions to be taken before sample collection:
one hour before the collection is carried out, no food, drink (including water) should be taken, neither smoking nor chewing gum.
How long does it take to know the result?

The test analysis will only start after receiving the sample and all the necessary documents (filled in requisition and payment proof).

The report will be available in approximately 2 months.